Conflict in Ukraine

The conflict in Ukraine has led to a humanitarian catastrophe. Over 14 million people have fled their homes since Russia invaded on 24 February (UN Refugee Agency, May 12th 2022). Six million have left for neighbouring countries with at least 6.5 million displaced inside the country itself, with an untold number of injured civilians and service personnel. Our ophthalmic colleagues in the country are operating with reduced, degraded, and damaged resources, and are facing a major medical challenge, with hostilities predicted to be protracted.

Societies and organisations providing ophthalmic support

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ESCRS was founded in 1991 to promote education and research in the field of implant and refractive surgery and to advance and promote the study and practice of ophthalmology.
ESCRS has over 7,500 members from 130 countries world-wide, and is actively involved in the ophthalmic response to the Ukraine Crisis, providing much-needed equipment through its supply lines to Poland and Ukraine.

The Society has secured storage in Krakow, including monitored refrigeration, and also has use of a forward distribution ophthalmic clinic in Lviv. ESCRS uses a network of Ukrainian surgeons, including several ESCRS members in the region. This ensures the right equipment reaches surgeons with specific needs.

This network of ophthalmologists, with ESCRS’ coopted storage and distribution facilities, is a proven and efficient mechanism for delivery of equipment and consumables. ESCRS is generously covering the administrative and storage costs, and is also looking at purchasing drugs for widespread distribution through Ukraine.

ASOPRS is dedicated to the health and beauty of the eyes and face. Founded in 1969, ASOPRS now has over 650 US and 100 international members in over 30 countries around the world dedicated to facial rejuvenation and disorders of the eyelids, eye socket and tear drainage system.

ASOPRS is running a series of on-line symposia on Wartime Ophthalmic Injuries. The links to these meetings can be found under ‘Symposia‘.

Eyes on Ukraine was founded by Canadian-Ukrainian ophthalmologists with three main goals

(1) To procure and distribute ophthalmic medications and equipment to Ukrainian ophthalmologists
(2) To collaborate with other organizations in order to establish a telemedicine network to provide support for complex trauma cases, 
(3) To provide longer term support for displaced Ukrainian citizens and ophthalmologists who care for them.

“Eyes on Ukraine” is the inaugural initiative of the Canadian Ophthalmological Society Foundation. Its goal is to provide material, educational and other ophthalmic medical support to Ukrainians in response to the Russian invasion of their country.

To date, around $1 million has been raised in medical supplies. Eyes on Ukraine recently led the translation of the US Department of Defense’s Joint Trauma System Clinical Practice Guidelines on managing eye trauma into Ukrainian for ophthalmologists and frontline providers. Eyes on Ukraine is supporting telemedicine and medical knowledge-transfer initiatives in Ukraine, and also provides longer-term support for evacuees in Canada.

Eyes on Ukraine is proud to collaborate with Ukrainian ophthalmologists, the EyeFace Network, ESCRS, ASOPRS, the Canada-Ukraine Foundation, and Polish ophthalmologists in their programs.

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