Part 4: October 2022

Wartime Ophthalmic Trauma

BOPSS was proud to host the 4th International Symposium in the series of Wartime Ophthalmic Trauma. An ASOPRS initiative, this series has explored the mechanisms and management of oculofacial injuries.

In part IV, we investigated traumatic brain injury (TBI) and its effect on vision, with presentations from colleagues in both Ukraine and Israel on their experience in managing patients with complex injuries.


Dr Richard Blanch (UK)
Ophthalmic Assessment and Management of Acute Traumatic Brain Injury

Dr Randy Kardon (USA)
Evidence for Neurodegeneration in the Visual Pathway Over Time in Veterans with mild TBI

Dr Chrystyna Rakoczy (USA)
Rehabilitation of Visual Impairment and Dysfunction from Traumatic Brain Injury

Dr Oksana Petrenko (Ukraine)
Reflections on life as an ophthalmic surgeon in a conflict zone

Dr Olga Denysiuk (Ukraine)
Injury to the eye and adnexa in war time

Dr Daniel Briscoe (Israel)
Orbital trauma and war injuries

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